Welcome to the Douglas Health Futures Foundation Speakers Bureau— the easiest way to request a lecturer, keynote speaker or other special appearance by a member of our team. Below is a list and description of each of the topics that we regularly speak on.

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Doulgas Health Future’s Foundation Speakers Bureau Topics

What is Douglas Health Futures Foundation?
An overview of the foundation, the programs it supports and related success stories.

How Can You Support Public Health Programs at Risk?

In this presentation, learn why private funds are needed to support approximately 40% of all public health programming. Learn how donations ranging from $25 to $25,000+ can impact a family’s health. Learn about the different ways you can support our work, from serving on our board to attending our annual signature event to making a small monthly donation on an ongoing basis.

Infant Health and Safety – How to Give Your Baby the Very Best
Infant health and safety begins far before birth and continues with a series of steps and practices that provide the best life for your little one. In this presentation, learn what to do and at what age, in order to keep your baby healthy and happy.

Preschool Development – Understanding the Milestones for Your Child
Much of what children do when they play, speak, behave and move is associated with learning and how they reach developmental milestones. Milestones (like crawling or naming colors) are things most children can do by a certain age. In this presentation, parents learn what to do at each age to encourage the development of these milestones in their child.

Safe Kids: Preventing Childhood Injuries
Every 30 seconds, a child somewhere in the world dies due to a preventable injury. In Georgia, nearly 1,500 infants and children die each year from accidents—especially crashes and falls. In this presentation, brought to you by Safe Kids Worldwide, learn tips to keep the children in your life safe.

Depending on the needs of your group, this topic can be modified to address one of these sub topics: Youth Sports Safety, Child Passenger safety, Poison prevention, Water safety, Bicycle safety, Fire safety, Pedestrian safety, or Home safety.