Douglas Health Futures Foundation (DHFF) is pleased to announce the launch of their new website The redesign of the website features streamlined navigation, updated imagery, and prominent supported program information with easy-to-use donation options.

The DHFF website redesign allows users to find relevant information about the non-profit arm of Cobb & Douglas Public Health (CDPH) that focuses on providing financial, fundraising and advocacy support for key child health programs in Douglas County, including: Babies Can’t Wait, Children 1st, Children’s Medical Services and  Safe Kids Douglas County. DHFF is confident the new website – with improved readability and a focus on donations – will help increase awareness of DHFF’s mission to support these critical programs that increase access to healthcare for low-income and under-served families in Douglas County.

New features to the website include:

  • Mobile-friendly user interface and improved search bar
  • An updated and more prominent image carousel that promotes key child health programs supported by DHFF
  • Improved access to donation options, including details on how your donation makes a difference in the community
  • Easy language selection filter to help reach a wider, more diverse audience
  • Detailed descriptions of supported programs, including success stories from residents in Douglas County
  • “Recent Posts” and “Recent Tweets” section to keep residents updated on news and public health topics, and branded logo links for CDPH social media channels
  • Better information delivery about DHFF’s purpose, history, and Board of Directors meetings

The Douglas Health Futures Foundation team worked with local boutique marketing firm 524 Creative to reshape and modernize the website, paying close attention to presenting the purpose and mission of DHFF, to support critical child health programs that are often underfunded and in need of financial assistance in Douglas County.